Tuesday, September 13, 2011


Greetings, gorehounds and ghouls!  This is my first blog on Blogger.com, and I intend it to chronicle my struggles and triumphs in life and as a writer of dark and speculative fiction.  I have, in the past, written dozens of short stories and toyed at ideas for novels without actually committed to the fruition of the novel.  This being, and with the aid of Blogger and various supporters and inspirations, I undertake herein to morbidly and grimly put forth in writing-AS A CAREER, AND NOT AS A MINOR EXCURSION INTO THE DARKER AND WEIRDER PLACES IN MY PSYCHE-my own unique, slightly twisted spin on the storytelling universe.

Scary movies, films and videos, horror reviews, darker rock and roll, the gothic subculture, Halloween, conventions, fantasy, dark fantasy, sci-fi-these are things I will blog about until my little gnarled warlock fingers fall off.   I have always been a horror freak, and the grisly side of this carnival freak we call reality (and fiction) sings to me from the other side.  We know we were all kids in the candy store whilst we grew up around modern American TV, with shows like "The Munsters", "The Twilight Zone", "Dark Shadows", and "The Nightmare Before Christmas", and so I will hopefully and most deliciously usher into your collective imaginations these remembrances and paint a picture of new and glorious nightmares to come.

Hopefully. I'll leave you soulless, bone-dry, and clambering for more (blood, that is!).

Count Dougula
(Doug Albright)

"Only dead meat waits for the stew pot." -"Legend"
"We're dead meat!  Where to?  The nearest town is 50 miles away!"-from "Wrong Turn 2: Dead End"
"What do you think?  I think we're dead meat!"..."Real dead meat."-"Friday the 13th Part VI: Jason Lives"
"I think we're all dead meat!"-from "Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome"

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